Cleveland Heights - Updated august 8, 2019


forager - rustic amber w/ wild herbs - 6.7%

This one-of-a-kind ale (previously sold as “Spring Gruit”) uses botanicals foraged in the Cuyahoga Valley by our friends at Spice Acres in place of hops. Yarrow, mugwort, spruce tips, chamomile and juniper impart a subtle bitterness and fresh herbal flavor that tie in with an expressive Saison yeast strain.


Our award winning quad recipe, darkened with chocolate and black malts and aged 10 months in two different spirit barrels. Dark fruit, chocolate, oak, char, vanilla.


Our flagship lager takes simple, bready malts and a healthy dose of American and European Noble hops and combines them into a beer that truly anyone can enjoy.


Between the coasts IPA, neither as dry and bitter as West Coast or malty as East, loaded with Citra and Chinook hops with a full, fruity aroma and lingering flavor of grapefruit peel.

ithilien - saison w/ ohio grains - 6.8%

Classic saison brewed with Ohio grown barley, rye and einkorn (an ancient wheat) and free rise fermented with a blend of Belgian and French Saison yeasts. Bone dry and aromatic with hints of fruit and spice.

juicezilla - hazy ipa - 6.0%

Tropical, citrusy, full bodied IPA brewed with wheat and oats, fermented with fruity Voss Kveik yeast and dry-hopped with Citra, Denali, Mosaic & Ekuanot.

hannah - orange hibiscus wheat - 4.3%

Refreshing as a ray of sunshine, this easy drinking, pink-hued summer ale is brewed with two kinds of orange peel and whole hibiscus flowers, give it it’s color and adding a quenchable, cranberry-like tartness.


the guardian: batch three - bamboo honey mead fermented in bourbon barrel - 13.0% - sweet

This small batch mead is made entirely from amber colored bamboo honey and has rich notes of caramelized sugar and toffee with distinct spiciness from the American oak.

fantasy - raspberry cherry mead aged in oak barrels - 13.0% - sweet

Deep purple in color andvbursting with ripe, intense raspberry character supported by tart cherry and mellowed by a slumber in oak.

forgotten lore - cherry vanilla mead aged in bourbon barrels - 14.0% - sweet

Rich and contemplative, sweet and tart cherry mingles with lush honey and whiskey notes.

miramar - pineapple mint habanero mead - 16.0% - semi-sweet

Inspired by tropical foods and vistas, this golden melomel has a wondeful pineapple boquet, a semi-sweet flavor that mingles the fruit, honeys and mint, then a long spicy finish!


Made from 90% Goldrush apples with heritage apples to support, this dry, pale cider has hints of lemon and peach, a distinct minerality and bold acidity.

serenade - heritage cider - 6.3% - semi-dry

This small batch cider features Golden Russet, Spartan and Holiday apples among others and was fermented in barrels with a Portugese white wine yeast that give it a unique, tropical aroma.


Nova - wild raspberry ale - 6.8%

Bright raspberry notes blend with lots of fruity, farmhouse brett character in this approachable sour.


Tart and fruit forward, this approachable sour gains added complexity from a solera aging method where older barrels are never fully emptied, lending maturity to the blend.

Duality #1 - Spontaneous sour golden - 6.8%

This beer takes our sour golden base, matured in one barrel and presented unblended. The barrel used is our longest running sour barrel, in continuous use for over 5 years and first held our inaugural sour Vox Maris.

REX Auri - american barleywine aged in white wine barrels with brett - 13.0%

Dry and vinous with a subtle yeast complexity and malt character. Brett, barrel and hops all work together to create a remarkably well balanced and intriguing strong ale.

en foret - wild ale w/ pears & honey - 9.6%

Laid down in barrels for over 2 years, this strong dark ale has the malty aroma of a Scotch Ale, a honey laden yet sharp acidity and a nutty, Olorosso sherry like finish from its long stay breathing through oak.